CCMS Team Action Plan 2024

As part of Active Care Group (ACG), at CCMS, we were asked to complete a recent Workbuzz survey for the group. The survey highlighted the improvements that have been made across the board thanks to the viability and investment from ACG.

The group launched a competition to encourage action plans to be created for how we can continue to improve work life for our employees. The leadership team at CCMS created a plan that incorporated wellbeing, teamwork, communication and recognition, which are the main commitments of ACG this year.

The CCMS plan was one of the winners, and will now be brought to life!

A monthly fun activity

Once a month, we will organise an activity for the team that gives them an opportunity to step away from the office and their screens, and to get together with their colleagues for some fun. A few of the ideas that are floating around at the moment include a team bake off, a music quiz and a team escape room – which will test our problem-solving skills whilst having fun!

Team building

In the Summer, we’ll be hosting a team building day, where our team can let their hair down and spend some quality time together. The day will see the team attending the races, which will be a great chance for everyone to get dressed up and spend the day together.

Open Day

Our Support Workers are a vital part of the business, and alongside the recent CCMS Connect newsletter we have launched, we will be hosting an open day in June. It’s a chance for the Support Workers to have lunch together in an informal setting, discuss freely and confidentially any issues, concerns or share what works well for them and their clients. This will contribute to building external relationships and improve our joint working.

We can’t wait to action these plans and continue to improve the wellbeing of our staff. Watch this space for updates in the year!