Case Management

The text book definition of Case Management

…is that it is a collaborative process which assesses, plans, implements, co-ordinates, monitors and evaluates the options and services required to meet the individuals health, social care, educational and employment needs, using communication and available resources to promote quality and cost effective outcomes.

The understandable and human definition of Case Management

…is that, we as Case Managers support people who have had a life changing injury to get back to being the person they used to be through trusted and specialised support, open communication and a structured quality framework. We continuously ensure that the client is at the forefront of everything that we do.

Our Philosophy

We are well known for challenging extremes and pushing boundaries to meet and exceed expectations because our philosophy is simple.

Everyone, regardless of needs, health, disability, age, race or gender should have the opportunity, and be supported to reach their potential and in doing so, enjoy freedom of choice, respect, dignity and the right to live as normal a life as possible after a devastating accident or case of negligence. 

We strive to make a positive difference every day and as a team, work tirelessly to always put our clients first.