Expert Witness Service

Expert Witness Service 

CCMS are extremely proud to announce that, as of  12 April 2021, CCMS are launching our Expert Witness service, providing a further extension to our current service portfolio.

We have been planning our launch for 18 months, discussed feedback from others and then established a learned environment so we can focus on a positive, more flexible service.

We also know there will be a number of things that will be expected from us to ensure people make the right choice for their client. It’s not just about the extensive knowledge and experience of the Expert Witness and how they can provide quality detailed reports, it’s about credibility, being approachable, professional yet personable, managing and meeting time constraints whilst staying knowledgeable and up to date with current practices to name a few.

Sarah Rayner, RNLD and our Adult Lead with over 9 years case management experience and Minnieke Vorster, Occupational Therapist and our Moving and Handling Lead with over 5 years case management experience are our Expert Witnesses.

Please refer to the “Meet Our Team” section for further details.



If you would like to view / print a copy of our Service User Guide, or Comments, Compliments and Complaints leaflet please click on the following links: