Our Services

Our services include but are not limited to:

 The introduction and on-going support of an experienced Case Manager who will fully understand their clients needs and expectations.


  • The over-arching support and capabilities of the CCMS back office teams  to include care co-ordination, client and staff administration, recruitment and training of office and support staff and quality compliance, who liaise with the Case Managers regularly.
  • Preparation and review of Initial Needs Assessments and Case Management Reports to include all client related documentation.
  • Expert Witness Service.
  • Preparation and review of in-depth and dynamic risk assessments based on client needs.
  • Co-ordination of Support, Care and Rehabilitation Programmes.
  • Co-ordination and Management of Multi-Disciplinary Therapeutic Teams to provide a unified and fluid approach.
  • The recruitment and training of staff in line with the clients, and all regulatory requirements.
  • 24/7 on-call facility.
  • Ongoing supervision and development of staff.
  • Mentoring scheme where existing clients can support new clients to understand the case management process and the role of a Case Manager.
  • Independent Assessment and review of Case Management.
  • Advocacy with Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts.
  • Family/holistic support.

Areas currently covered:


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